Canvases and vinyl records available!

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Textured Peaches

Bright warm peaches and cute little flowers all painted with a palette knife for the ultimate texture!!

Stretched canvas 8” by 10”

Shimmering Honey Bees

Honey bees with shimmery wings against golden honeycombs makes such a lovely piece! Plus it’s painted on a wooden board that’s ready to hang and easy to display!

8” square wooden board, 1/2” thick and has attached string ready to hang.

Fresh Watermelon

Bright and fresh layers of watermelon slices for a refreshing and fun summer painting!

Acrylic paint on 8”x 8” x 1” wood canvas.

Hot Pink Hibiscus

These pretty pink hibiscus are painted on an 8” stretched canvas and is the perfect bright summer decor piece for any flower lover!

Majestic Peacock

A bright blue peacock with shimmering green and gold feathers!

Acrylic paint on 8” by 8” by 1”stretched canvas.

Luna Moths

These luna moths are surrounded by a glowing full moon and some lovely blue bell flowers for a magical moth painting! I used some iridescent white and silver paint to really make it shine!

8” wooden canvas, 1/2” thick

Desert Dreamscape

Oil paint on 20” by 24” canvas. This dreamy pink sky and bright green cactus make such a peaceful and bright landscape!

It’s one of my first oil paintings I ever created and took about two weeks to complete and 1 month to dry fully!

Peach Petals

Fluffy peach petals and layers of leaves on an aqua background! This painting has such a nice contrast with colors and is sure to brighten up any space!

Acrylic paint on 16” by 20” canvas.

Candy Hearts Canvas

I created these candy hearts with acrylic paint on an 8” heart shaped canvas! The cutest piece for Valentines Day decor, a gift, or year round decor!

Acrylic paint on 8” heart shaped stretched canvas.

Heart Shaped Hydrangeas

I made these beautifully layered and fluffy flowers heart shaped for this Valentines inspired piece! Acrylic paint on an 8” by 8” wrapped canvas.

Strawberry Disco Balls

I love painting strawberries so for the New Year I had to try some disco ball berries!

I used a color shifting holographic paint for them as well to create an extra special shine and the background and edges are a nice shiny gold!

Acrylic paint on 8” by 8” stretched canvas.

Layered Petals

Acrylic painting of colorful flowers inspired by my zinnias I grew! Violet, magenta, orange, and red make for a bright bunch of flowers! 12” round canvas.

a round plate with blue flowers on it

Flower Blues

Acrylic painting on 8” round canvas. Aqua and blue flowers layers on green leaves.

Into the Forest Glow

I painted this glowing forest with oil paint on a 16” by 20” stretched canvas.

Blue Dream

Oil paint on an 18” by 18” wrapped canvas.

Bright blue flower with deep green leaves on a warm orange and yellow textured background.


This stunning peacock is painted with acrylic paint on a 16 inch by 20 inch canvas. I love these birds and admire how beautiful and majestic they are so of course I had to create my own on canvas!

a person holding up a painting of mountains and flowers

Violet Dreams

Acrylic painting on 10” round circle canvas.

Purple mountain landscape with peach and pink wildflower field.

Sunflower Mini Canvas

This cute little 4 inch canvas is hand painted with bright sunflowers, an aqua sky and fluffy pink clouds

a plate with purple flowers on a marble surface

Pink Petals

Cute pink flowers with bright green leaves created with oil paint on a 12” round canvas

Powerpuff Girls

This heart shaped painting is inspired by my love for cartoons and the Powerpuff girls as a kid!I thought they would fit the heart shaped canvas perfectly!

Cactus Flowers

These pretty green cactus and their flowers will brighten up any space!

Acrylic paint on wooden board. 15” wide.

Pastel SpongeBob inspired Landscape

I created this piece after one of my favorite cartoons because of its bright colors and detailed animation!

Acrylic paint on 10” round canvas.

Butterfly Hanging Canvas

Acrylic painting on recycled vinyl record. 12” round.

Tropical Tiger

Acrylic paint on 12” by 16” wrapped canvas.

This tiger painting from my tropical collection features one of my favorite animals and some of my favorite plants.